Members' Plant Exchange and Sale

The Associates of the Scott Arboretum invite you to our 20th Annual Members’ Plant Exchange & Sale on Saturday, May 9, 2015.

How to Participate
Get Involved!

A perennial treat, this much-anticipated event is organized by members, for members. Share plants you may have in abundance with other enthusiasts, and shop for new ones that have been proven to not only survive, but thrive in this region. You can never predict what you may find, only that you’ll find something you want.

Both the Exchange and Sale are unique opportunities to experiment with new varieties of plants for your landscape in a low cost, low risk fashion. Find the perfect accent plant for that shady niche, perennials for the border, trees and shrubs for foundation plantings, container plants, and more!  As they grow, you’ll find you have an enviable surplus to exchange for new plants for years to come.

All proceeds benefit the Associates of the Scott Arboretum.  By participating, you are helping the Arboretum with its mission of getting good plants into the hands of local gardeners – including yourself!

How to Participate

The Exchange - for plant donors (and newly joining members)

The Sale – for all Scott members
No plants to contribute? No problem. Once the Exchange ends, well over a thousand plants remain for sale to all. Most are priced at $1, with just a few larger or exceptional woodies somewhat higher.

Not a Member Yet?
Both the Exchange and Sale are open only to Associates of the Scott Arboretum, but you are encouraged to become a member and join in the fun.  New (first time) members receive tokens redeemable for three plants at the Exchange.  With all of the many other benefits of the Scott Arboretum to enjoy it’s never hard to justify the modest membership fee, but with this Event you could easily recoup your investment in just a few hours!  So contact us now to learn how to join.

Get Involved!

Volunteer for the days of the Exchange & Sale, in the months beforehand to help prepare, or even add your voice to help shape the Event.  We welcome anyone with a passion for plants and people to join us in one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll ever participate in. Learn more about volunteers at the Scott Arboretum.