The Rules

The Rules
Restricted and Limited Plants (What Not to Bring)

The Rules

Restricted and Limited Plants (What Not to Bring)

We try to assemble an interesting and eclectic mix of plants for the exchange and sale, to appeal to the wide variety of plant enthusiasts the event attracts.  Generally we limit the quantity of plants of one variety participants may contribute so we’re not overwhelmed with that one variety.  There are also a number of specific plants listed below are further restricted or not accepted as indicated.

1. No more than (9) of any one kind of plant *

2. No more than (3) of the following may be exchanged for credit

Over the years we have identified some plants that are consistently leftover at the end of the Sale, so we accept only a few of the following plants from each contributor

Asters - unknown cultivar or species Aster
Convallaria  Lily-of-the-valley
Dendranthemum ‘Sheffield Pink’ Sheffield Pink chrysanthemum
Galium odoratum Sweet woodruff
Liriope spicata Lilyturf
Lysimachia ciliata purpurea Purple Fringed loosestrife
Lysimachia clethroides Gooseneck loosestrife
Monarda  unknown cultivar or species Bee balm
Oenothera speciosa Evening primrose
Rudbeckia – unknown cultivar or species Black-eyed Susan and Coneflowers 
Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne'  
Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ Autumn Joy Sedum
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew
Tradescantia Spider lily
Jasminum nudiflorum Winter jasmine

3. The following plants are not accepted because they are considered to be invasive or too common to appeal to shoppers


Acer palmatum – seedlings Japanese maple
Aegopodium Goutweed
Buddleja – seedlings Butterfly bush
Hemerocallis fulva Orange daylily
Houttuynia Chameleon plant
Pachysandra terminalis Japanese spurge
Pinellia Cow dipper
Vinca minor – unknown cultivars   ** Periwinkle

4. In addition to the plants listed above we will decline any plants that are generally recognized as being invasive.  For a more complete list please consult the following sources: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

5. We reserve the right to decline any plants that are wilted or in otherwise poor condition.

On occasion we do offer large numbers of highly desirable plants that are made available to Plant Exchange & Sale by the generosity of donors who found themselves with a surplus they wanted to share.  Please contact us in advance if you are considering such a donation.

*So, for example, while you may offer only (9) Hosta ‘Blue Angel’, you are still permitted to contribute another (9) Hosta sieboldiana ‘Elegans’, and so on. 

** Named cultivars may be accepted