Sustainability is a hot topic right now. Industries everywhere from architecture to forestry have begun using the word and the ideology to plan for the future. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “avoiding the long-term depletion of natural resources.”

Responsible gardeners, as stewards of the land, regard and relate to their gardens as ecosystems. Gardens are not just places for people to enjoy, but are complex communities with dozens of living organisms and nonliving components working together. By understanding these relationships, gardeners can begin to apply sustainable practices in the garden to encourage wildlife habitats, decrease soil erosion, and contribute to water preservation.

Check out what the Scott Arboretum is doing to be more sustainable, and how you can learn to apply these practices to your own garden!

Click here to read about what Dr. Peter H. Raven, described by Time magazine as a "Hero for the Planet,” has to say about plant conservation and the importance of sustainability upon receiving the Scott Medal and Award.