Historic Trees

Tree planting at Swarthmore College has been an important tradition since its founding in 1864, long before the Scott Arboretum was founded (1929). Successive tree plantings on Founders Days by famous men and women, including presidents of our country, have yielded many of the large trees we now cherish. Many trees planted in the 19th-century are still alive and well, including American elms, European beeches, American lindens, and a variety of oaks. Of the swamp white oaks planted in 1881 as an allée in front of Parrish Hall, several still remain. Swarthmore College and the Scott Arboretum continue to plant trees with the intention that they will become historic trees in years to come. Pictured below: Liriodendron tulipifera on the left, Quercus phellos on the right.

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