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North American Plant Collections Consortium Plant Collections

PlantCollections provides public access to plant record databases, thereby improving our understanding of plants and the natural world. Launched 2008, anyone with access to the internet is able to search plant collections data from participating institutions. PlantCollections is an international partnership of botanic gardens, arboreta, universities, governmental funding agencies, and commercial database software developers. It is a collaboration between Chicago Botanic Garden (project director), the North American Plant Collections Consortium of the American Public Gardens Association, the University of Kansas Biodiversity Research Center and Natural History Museum, Imbrogliare LLC, Morphbank at Florida State University School of Computational Sciences, BG-BASE, Inc., BG-BASE, LTD (UK), Beijing Botanical Garden, The National Trust (UK), and 15 other botanic gardens and arboreta.

This project was funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency in the U.S., and by in-kind contributions from the following participating institutions: