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Support the Arboretum

Your generous support will help the Scott Arboretum to delight, inspire, and educate the public with beautiful horticultural displays and educational programming. Please see below for information about specific giving opportunities.

Support the 2017 Annual Appeal.

Please contact the Scott Arboretum Offices for additional information at 610-328-8025 or To charge a gift by phone, call us at 610-328-8025.

Membership to Scott Associates
Honorary Gifts and Memorial Dedications
The Gertrude Wister Society
Planned Gifts and Bequests
Annual Giving Appeal
Special Friends of the Scott Arboretum Selections: Fall Sale
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Membership to Scott Associates

Support the Arboretum by becoming a member of the Scott Associates.

Honorary Gifts and Memorial Dedications

You may give a meaningful gift that will be a lasting tribute in honor or in memory of someone.

These honorary and memorial gifts can be a dedicated tree, a dedicated bench, or contribution to our library book purchasing fund.

The Gertrude Wister Society

The Scott Arboretum established the Gertrude Wister Society in 2003 to honor donors who have chosen to support the Arboretum through a planned gift. Gertrude Wister was the assistant director of the Scott Arboretum for thirty years. Her contributions of time and resources to the Scott Arboretum during her life helped nurture the Arboretum to its current beauty. Her 2001 bequest valued at $480,000 significantly contributes to the continued health of her beloved Arboretum.

As a Gertrude Wister Society member you will enjoy the following benefits:

Planned Gifts & Bequests

Providing a bequest to the Scott Arboretum is a meaningful way to ensure that its variety of plants and many specialized programs continue to grow and thrive.

Bequests from Gertude Wister and others who loved the Arboretum have helped form the basis for the Arboretum's current endowment. Endowment funds supporting horticultural endeavors currently generate about 70 to 90% of our operating budget.

The Arboretum uses planned gifts as you designate. If you specify a bequest be treated as endowment, the funds will be invested and will grow over time.

You may tailor a bequest to fit your individual needs and wishes and may save substantial amounts in estate, gift, income, and capital gains taxes while supporting the Arboretum.

For more details click here.

How to make a Bequest

You may make an unrestricted bequest to allow the gift to be applied where the need is greatest. You may also earmark a bequest for a specific cause, such as endowment funds for a specific garden or special project. Funds of $25,000 or greater may be named and managed as separate funds; gifts of less than $25,000 specified as endowment will be added to existing restricted Arboretum endowment funds. If you are considering restricting your gift, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your ideas and the language you plan to use before you finalize the gift to ensure your aims are realized.

It is important to give your attorney our full name and address, as well as specifying that the gift is to go to the distinct mission of the Arboretum. An example of appropriate language follows:

"I bequeath the sum of $__ (or __% of my residuary estate) to the Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College located at 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081, for its distinct mission as determined by the Director of the Scott Arboretum."

If you have already made a bequest to the Scott Arboretum or would like additional information, please contact Claire Sawyers, Director of the Scott Arboretum at 610-328-8025 or via e-mail at scott {at} swarthmore (dot) e d u.

Annual Giving Appeal

Another opportunity to support the Arboretum, in addition to membership dues, is to contribute to the Annual Giving Appeal. Members automatically receive the annual appeal mailing; to receive annual appeal information as a nonmember, please call our office at 610-328-8025 and ask to be placed on our mailing list. Click here to donate to the 2017 Annual Appeal.


Special Friends of the Plant Sale

Help make the biggest fund-raising and educational event sponsored by the Scott Associates a success by becoming a Special Friend of the Scott Arboretum Selections: Fall Sale In recognition of your support in underwriting the costs of the sale, you will be invited to the Special Friends of the Scott Arboretum Selections: Fall Sale preview reception. To learn more call 610-328-8025 or contact scott {at} swarthmore (dot) e d u.

Matching Gifts

If you work for a company that matches charitable gifts, please submit a matching gift form to add to the impact of your gift.

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