Podcasting Tour

Download insightful, self-paced tours with expert commentary for your visit to the Scott Arboretum. Click below to download wav files to play on your MP3 player or iPod. When in the gardens of the Scott Arboretum, cell phone audio tour indicators will identify the correct wav file to listen to while viewing this area of the garden. While commentary is designed to be enjoyed in certain gardens, please feel free to listen in the order of your preference.


If you don’t have an MP3 player, simply dial 408-794-2850 on your cell phone while in the garden and listen to the same expert commentary.

We currently have 2 podcasts availabe for your listening pleasure.

Scott Arboretum Introductory Tour -a great introduction to the Scott Arboretum.

Featured Perennials Tour - a way to learn about some of our favorite perennials from the gardeners themselves.

Scott Arboretum Introductory Audio Tour

Take a delightful, self-paced introductory tour of the Scott Arboretum. Click here to download the brochure.

Click the speaker image to hear commentary from your browser. Right click (CTRL + Click for Mac) to save the link as a wav file to be used on your MP3 player or ipod.

Prompt Title and Number

Click to Listen or Download wav file

Tour Greeting
1 # Scott Arboretum Entrance Garden

2 # Cherry Border

3 # Nason Garden
4 # Hydrangea Collection
5 # Harry Wood Courtyard
6 # Pollinator Garden
7 # Metasequoia Allee
8 # Cosby Courtyard
9 # Rhododendron Display Garden
10 # Scott Outdoor Amphitheater
11 # Theresa Lang Fragrance Garden
12 # Pinetum
13 # Magill Walk
14 # Magnolia Collection
15 # Biostream
16 # Dean Bond Rose Garden
17 # Terry Shane Teaching Garden
101 # Organic Lawn