Scott Medal and Award - Nomination and Selection Process

Nomination Procedure

Nominator must submit a letter of nomination, at least two seconding letters, and a curriculum vitae for a candidate. This documentation must be submitted to the Scott Arboretum by the specified deadline for the year, generally September 30. Electronic submissions are welcomed.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee is composed of eight members, representing the horticulture field.

The President of Swarthmore College or his/her delegate acts as the non-voting Chair of the Committee, and the Director of the Scott Arboretum acts as the non-voting Committee Secretary.

Committee members receive all nominations for review and meet annually. Nominations are held in confidence.

The Medal and Award are generally presented at the annual Spring celebration of the Associates of the Scott Arboretum. The recipient, who must be present to accept the award, is the keynote speaker on this occasion.

Checklist for Nominations for the Scott Medal & Award

In nominating candidates for the Scott Medal and Award, please include the following information where applicable:

Please submit your candidate's curriculum vitae, your letter of nomination, and at least two seconding letters to:

Claire Sawyers, Director
The Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College
500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081
FAX 610-328-7755
E-mail: scott {at} swarthmore (dot) e d u

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