Betula nigra

Betula nigra

After experiencing 9 inches of rain in one and a half days this spring, you may be looking for the ideal tree to handle the spot in your garden where water stands in the spring and dries out in the summer. Betula nigra is the answer to your problem.

Betual nigra Dura Heat is planted in the Winter Garden. photo credit: D. Mattis

The river birch is a large, fast-growing tree that does well in both wet, clay-like soils and dry soils. As implied by the common name, this native tree is found naturally near streams, rivers, and floodplains. It can be grown as a single or multi-trunked tree.

The attractive peeling bark of the river birch is great for winter interest. photo credit: D. Mattis

Along with the great adaptability to soil conditions, the river birch has attractive, peeling bark. This adds the dimension of winter interest to your garden.

Consider the river birch for the soggy area of your garden. Pick up your own river birch saplings at the Blooming Bash today from 4 to 6 pm. Bring a friend and celebrate spring at the Scott Arboretum with a complimentary garden reception as part of our National Public Garden Day celebration.


Becky Robert
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