Gardener’s Almanac: April 19 – Major Spring Garden Pests

Gardener’s Almanac: April 19 – Major Spring Garden Pests

Assistant Garden Supervisor/Plant Health Lars Rasmussen explores the major spring garden pests.

Tune into the Gardener’s Almanac each week to learn what we are doing in the garden at this moment. Learn from Scott Arboretum staff which plants we are pruning, planting, weeding and which pests we are monitoring and removing right now. This virtual almanac is a great week by week reference guide for gardeners.

Becky Robert
  • Diane Mattis
    Posted at 07:59h, 30 April Reply

    This was extremely helpful information. But it almost makes me afraid to walk around outside and inspect my plants and trees! At least I know what to look for. Thanks so much, Lars. Now is there anything you can suggest to help with the wild and crazy winds we are experiencing? 😉

    • Becky Robert
      Posted at 08:13h, 30 April Reply

      Thank you for tuning in Diane. Lars always has great info. Maybe we should just all go fly some kites today instead. 😉

  • Diane Mattis
    Posted at 14:30h, 30 April Reply

    Ha! That made me laugh out loud. But I think it’s even too windy for kites, as appealing as it may sound.
    They might be soaring one minute and then then doing a quick nose dive into the ground the next instant.
    I will stay inside and play with my photography on the light box instead!

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