Plants of the Week: October 12

Plants of the Week: October 12


Ajania pacifica (silver & gold chrysanthemum)


Do you like Pachysandra? Well I do, and this is a great perennial substitute. Not only is it perennial, it is also full sun and loves lean soil. It has been seen as far south as Atlanta, so you know it is heat and drought tolerant. You can view this wonderful ground cover in the John W. Nason Garden. Its leaves feature sharp-white margins with a matte green interior. Flowers emerge in late fall as small yellow aster-like discs. If you love Pachysandra and have a full sun site, this might be the plant for you. Photo Credit: A. Thomas



Acer tegmentosum ‘White Tigress’


Come see this tree immediately! This maple is scheduled for removal due to construction. What a shame. No, this tree in not in fall color, which is the main draw for maples, but the bark is to die for. Those mint green stripes flanked by crème-colored-streaks, diffusing into one another, are outrageous. This tree displays the very essence of seasonal interest. Located in the Hydrangea Collection, this is a must-see that may not be with us much longer. Photo Credit: A. Thomas



Disanthus cercidifolius


Hamamelidaceae says it all. That means you are within weeks of fall color. As you walk through the John W. Nason Garden or the Terry Shane Teaching Garden you may pass this plant and think it is another Cercis or a young katsura, but the true plant enthusiast will see the future. This is a plant to behold. Merlot leaf color awaits the patient! Ideal for full shade and maturing about ten feet tall, Disanthus cercidifolius is one of the early plants to go into fall color so hurry up so you don’t miss it. Photo Credit: A. Thomas

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