Plants of the Week: June 26

Plants of the Week: June 26

Guest Author: Wylie Lapp, Public Horticulture Intern

Peucedanum verticillare – giant milk parsley

In all honesty umbellifers have never really been plants that catch my eye. Maybe it’s just the overly prim and proper blooms of queen anne’s lace (Daucus carota) that have dampened my interest. Yet, there is something about Peucedanum verticillare that stands out, correction, leaps! out to me when compared to the other members of the Apiaceae, or carrot family.  Their purple stalks tower at up to 8 feet tall and have an almost chartreuse inflorescence, creating a contrast that seems like it shouldn’t be.  This particular grouping is planted in the John W. Nason Garden.  On a breezy day, the swaying umbels of P. verticillare feel right at home amongst the other plants in this garden, known for its intense textures. Photo credit: W. Lapp

Inula magnifica – showy elecampagne

Yes, I know, I know, another yellow composite flower… But hey, there is something about Inula magnifica that just demands to be seen!  Standing upwards of 6 feet tall, showy elecampagne is topped with large sprays of soft golden daisy-like flowers of an almost cartoonish nature. I can’t help but think of shag carpets from the ‘70s.  Another bold member of the Asteraceae family, I. magnifica, will quickly fill in the sunny areas of the garden adding both height and a glowing disposition.  Its dramatic nature makes a wonderful addition to all the other unusual plants in the John W. Nason Garden. Photo credit: W. Lapp

Viola Walteri ‘Silver Gem’ – prostrate blue violet

While this little violet may lack the grandeur of many of the Arboretum’s herbaceous plants, it more than compensates with its sheer charm.  ‘Silver Gem’ is a particularly (you guessed it) silver form of Viola walteri discovered in Bibb County, Alabama and introduced by Mt. Cuba Center.  This particular patch in the Crum Woods above the Scott Outdoor Amphitheater, adds a lovely contrast to the nearby understory plantings.  In time, V. walteriSilver Gem’ will reward with a tightly clumping drought tolerant ground cover, all topped with cheerful purple flowers in spring. Photo credit: W. Lapp

Becky Robert
  • Wendy Coolen
    Posted at 15:08h, 15 July Reply

    Great plants , so different. Would love to visit this garden from Nova Scotia sometime, on my retirement list. Thanks for the writings.

  • Becky Robert
    Posted at 10:03h, 17 July Reply

    Dear Wendy,
    Thank you for following our plants of the week. It is great fun to see which plants catch the intern’s eye each week. I hope you get a chance to visit some day. Check out America’s Garden Capital to see all the great gardens around us!
    Becky Robert
    Scott Arboretum

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