The Great Work: Our Way into the Future

The Great Work: Our Way into the Future

great work

by Thomas Berry

As a reader of environmental literature, the recurring theme of our planet’s irreversible destruction and humanity’s downward spiral into a bottomless pit of greed can sometimes be a little disheartening. Books about remaining hopeful for no particular reason in the face of this reality haven’t necessarily made the situation less bleak for me, either. Instead, I longed for a book that affirmed our culture’s problems, but envisioned a different future, one where people make different choices about the priorities in their lives. Thomas Berry’s The Great Work is one such book.

Berry is a religious scholar, and his faith in humanity and in our inherent relationship with earth are the basis for his vision and this book. The reader is left feeling as though we are standing at a crucial moment in history where we must reconnect on a deep level with the earth in order to heal our wounds and those we have inflicted on the planet.

Berry is a wise visionary and The Great Work is inspiring and eye-opening to anyone who desires a healthier, more connected future.

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Liz Haegele
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